Arielle's Mottos

1. To Encourage and Inspire others to do Good Deeds.
2. To Love within & Spread love to others.
3. To be Thankful & Appreciate all Existence.



I see all the religions teach us the Positive Aspects of life, all the Divinities do not judge us regardless of our different religious belief. All the Divinities of all religions from 100% Positive lights, their love for us are unconditional.
Likewise, we should embrace all their love for us and not judge people of different religious belief.
We should learn to love, encourage and inspire each other of different religious belief.
Loving all living beings first has to come from your heart with pure motivation and intention you will then be able to achieve real happiness that you know nothing can beat it comparable to the earthly materialism.

Happiness is your Nature

You may have heard this Quote ‘Happiness is your nature’. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it Outside when it is Inside’. One has to practice and put in actions to do Good deeds, good acts and have Positive thoughts.

Up Coming Events

Up Coming

Donation in Kind Goods – Ren Ci Community Hospital 2019

Donation Drive - Ren Ci Community Hospital (Mar-Apr) 2019 Donation in Kind Goods: Arielle's is running a donation in kind goods drive for Ren Ci Community Hospital again. This Year 2019, the residents/patients are in need of the following items: S/N. Description...

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Prayer Tips

Prayer Tips: Release Judgements about yourself and others. Set an intention to attract only Kind and Gentle life Lessons and Relationships. For every harshness situation I am in, I pray to request the universe lights to shine within the situation and each person. Love...

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