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It started off when I volunteered work for a Buddhist Centre to assist calling sponsors in year 2009 for Goods like cans food, dairy products, toothbrush, biscuits etc for the old folks at French Road. In addition, I volunteered to go onsite to visit the old folks to collect the details of their names, identity no, address, Tel number, health conditions and number of residents staying together.

As I communicated with the old folks, I started to ponder how fortunate I am and it saddened as I started to feel for them, some of which are experiencing Poor health condition, loneliness, poverty and story of a mother earning to care for a son at 35 years old who had a bad experience in his marriage fell into a depression state where he could not pull himself back into reality.

I also volunteered to do energy healing for the old folks as well at French Road in year 2010, this lady Ow Yeong Leng in my record during the site visit she is on Kidney Dialysis. As we are very much connected, I understand from her husband that she is quite a quick temperamental person. Therefore, I shared with her to calm her mind and heart by thinking about the Buddha or Divinity nature.

Back in year 2006, I was very much connected with Buddhism, the teaching of Buddha, I know deep down it is very precious to have a human body and having this Physical form we can do many good deeds, good acts or Positive thoughts. God the creator, the only one God has created us so beautifully. Many non-spiritual people, may not be aware or knowledgeable to what is ‘Chakras’. It is a Doorway of receiving universe energy into our Physical body. In General, there are 7 main Chakras. The Crown Chakras, Third Eye Chakras, Throat Chakras, Heart Chakras, Solar Plexus Chakras, Sacral Chakras and Root Chakras. Of course, there are other Chakras which I will not mentioned here. Sometimes, we may feel very energetic and some days we feel lethargic, this is because any of these charkas (doorway to receive the universe energy is blocked). This block can be caused by feeling Stress, angry, upset or having negative thoughts. Once we allow these negative energy to retain in our energy field or space we will naturally feel unhappy and lethargic. That is how I perceived it when I learnt about the Chakras.

You may have heard this Quote ‘Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it Outside when it is Inside’. God the creator, the only one God has created us with every potential to become the nature of all the Divinities. One has to practice and put in actions to do Good deeds, good acts and have Positive thoughts. Giving you one simple example, you have 2 (Two) Savings accounts, one account for storing Good deeds or actions you do and the other savings account for the Bad deeds or actions you do. Now, if you have saved up One million times of Good deeds or actions in the first Savings account and you have 500 times of Bad deeds or actions saved in the other savings account. For some religious belief, one will go to heaven and some believes that there is a next life (rebirth coming back to earth again). Looking back to the savings account example, whether you go to heaven or come back to earth in your next life, if you have saved up One million times of Good deeds or actions, you definitely know that your next journey be it in heaven or your next life will be ‘Excellent’ however if your bad deeds or actions in your savings account is more than the Good deeds or actions you will know right deep inside, your next journey or your next life will probably be ‘Bad’.

I see all the religions teach us the Positive Aspects of life, all the Divinities do not judge us regardless of our different religious belief. All the Divinities of all religions from 100 percent Positive light, their love for us are unconditional. Likewise, we should embrace all their love for us and not judge people of different religious belief. We should learn to love, encourage and inspire each other of different religious belief. Loving all living beings first has to come from your heart with pure motivation and intention you will then be able to achieve real happiness that you know nothing can beat it comparable to the earthly materialism.

Having said much, coming back that I wanted to help the needy as mentioned I feel very much connected with their conditions, understanding about the 2 savings account example and what is real happiness in my heart, I started sharing with my families, friends and colleagues about using our Physical body to do good deeds and giving others Love as we are taught in all our religious belief. So, with this purpose I like to spread love and care to help the needy and to use our Physical body to do good deeds or actions with my friends and family. Thank you


Christine Tang
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