This fundraising program is closed.
Arielle’s like to express our Heartfelt Thanks and Appreciation to the Sponsor for the ‘Donation in Kind’ to IQ70 Plus (MY).

IQ70 PLUS (MY) is setting up a home for some abandoned old folks. This home is rented by a few kind sponsors however it is very run down. Some donations have been received to do up this house. Arielle’s offered to spread awareness from its website to seek for Sponsors to donate Hospital Beds, residential beds and air conditioners for this home as Donation in Kind ‘Goods’ for the old folks.

Please email to for more details as your Donation in Kind ‘Goods’ definitely will relief the old folks in many ways such as their poor health conditions and unattended medical conditions without proper medications. Arielle’s seeking Sponsors to donate 8 residential beds, 2 hospital beds and 6 Air conditioners.

Please understand that this is MCCY Rules for donation to foreign countries. You may refer to MCCY link at bottom page. Thank you for the Support!

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