What are Chakras!

Many non-spiritual people, may not be aware or knowledgeable to what are ‘Chakras’. It is a Doorway of receiving universe energy into our Physical body. In General, there are 7 main Chakras. The Crown Chakras, Third Eye Chakras, Throat Chakras, Heart Chakras, Solar Plexus Chakras, Sacral Chakras and Root Chakras.

Of course, there are other Chakras which I will not mentioned here. Sometimes, we may feel very energetic and some days we feel lethargic, this is because any of these charkas (doorway to receive the universe energy is blocked). This block can be caused by feeling Stress, angry, upset or having negative thoughts. Once we allow these negative energy to retain in our energy field or space we will naturally feel unhappy and lethargic. That is how I perceived it when I learnt about the Chakras.

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Christine Tang


许多非灵性追求者可能并不知道、也不认识何谓“脉轮”。脉轮是我们肉体接收宇宙能量的门口。一般而言,我们身体共有7大脉轮 ―顶轮、第三眼、喉轮、心轮、太阳神经丛、脐轮及海底轮。

董清(Christine Tang)
Translated by Loh Liew Cheng

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