Purpose of the trip

  1. Guide the children to study hard and use the knowledge they have learnt to help others.
  2. Offer Stationary, goodies, bookmark, toothbrush and cakes.

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Special Thanks to

  1. Christine Tang Cheng
  2. Abbot Khen Rinpoche Geshe Thubten Chonyi (Kopan Monastery)
  3. Geshe la Jinpa (Kopan Monastery)
  4. Brendan Soo Tze Yun
  5. Tung Wei Choo
  6. Tang Whee Chiang, Catherine
  7. Tang Miaw Leng, Angie

Last and Most Importantly, I must Give Thanks and Gratitude to God the creator, the only God and all the Angels under his supervision as well as my master spiritual guide and all the Divinities that have protected us, you have planned and given us lessons to learn in this trip. I bow down and respect all of you deep down in my heart, your unconditional love for all living beings, you do not judge us, always guiding us, inspiring us to become like your nature of loving others unconditionally as such we will eventually free from this cyclic of existence in this earthly plane, for some believed having a good life in heaven.

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