High Tea Mingle with Old Folks Session on 21 May 2017 (Sun)

1. Provide High Tea Food to Old Folks
2. Volunteers to mingle with old folks, distribute food, towels & toothbrush
3. Sing along with Old Folks

Sponsor items: (All items must be donated in Kind ‘Goods’ only)
1. High Tea Food (I can recommend the caterer 165 pax)
2. Towel & Tooth Brush (200 pieces)

Volunteers Required:
1. 4 Singers – You can prepared 2 songs (English and Mandarin)
Prefer (Happy/Romance/oldies)

2. 14 Volunteers – Mingle with Old folks, distribute food, towels & toothbrush

3. 2 Logistic Volunteers – To assist moving musical instruments from wards to wards
Prefer (Male Gender)

Interested volunteers, please register now!

Sponsors Required: (Donation in Kind ‘Goods’ ONLY)
1. High Tea Food for old folks (165 pax)
2. Towels and Toothbrush (200 pieces)

Please email at sponsors@arielleglobalfundraising.com for enquiry.

Schedule Activity and Time:
Arrival of volunteers
Briefing by Ren Ci staff
Arrival of caterer for set up in wards and 507
Ren Ci Nursing Home
50 Jalan Tan Tock Seng, Blk 507
Caterer to set up food trays in wards
Divide 14 volunteers to 7 wards. They can assist with snacks distributing feeding and do befriending 
Singers to go ward to ward to perform.
End of program 
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