Purpose of the Event:

  1. Use our Physical body to do Good Deeds/Actions
  2. By volunteering ourselves to mingle with Old folks, distribute toothbrush and towels and feed them food
  3. Sing along with the old folks by Arielle’s Singing Group


Event Highlight Video:

Event Highlight Photos:

Special Thanks:

To all the Sponsors and Volunteers that their willingness to use their Physical body to do Good deeds/actions from their weekend to mingle and give love to the old folks. In addition, the singers who have been practicing to sing for the old folks, Sing from wards to wards amazing energies they have. All of which have contributed on this meaningful and fruitful day for Ren Ci Nursing Home. I believed all of us have enjoyed and felt love. All of you are such a darlings and I hope all of you continue to join Arielle’s future events to come. I Love you all.

Christine Tang (Arielle Director)

Last and most importantly, My heartfelt Thanks to God and all the divinites of Light who have showered us lot’s of love and light for this event.

Photos Album:

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