These are some bracelets I stringed myself, here are some reference I have collected about crystal stones:

Does Crystal has Energy?
Many have high vibration.

Does Crystal has vibration?
Crystal in general is formed by certain molecules in the liquid gather together become stable.
It is usually found in mines or caves.

What is molecule (In General)?
A group of two or more atoms linked together by sharing electrons in a chemical bond.

What is atom (In General)?
Atoms are made up of even smaller, subatomic particles called protons, neutrons and electrons.
At the centre of every atom is a nucleus containing protons +1 and neutrons 0.
Electrons -1 are contained in shells around the nucleus.
These shells are also called energy levels.

Based on the simple analogy above, crystals in relation with atoms, molecules, protons, neutrons and electrons formed ‘Energy‘.

Hence, there are different types of crystals/stones with different energy level found on earth to use for many purposes.

You may purchase for self and gifts. For more info about the purpose of the crystal belows or if need to custom string for a specific purpose you may contact me at

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